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Our car wrecking recovers the most value from your vehicle, putting instant cash that is fairly priced in your hand. We are the car wreckers that practice green auto recycling, ensuring a safe vehicle disposal.

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Car Wreckers Auckland

The names may vary- car wrecking, wrecking yard, auto dismantling, spare parts supplier and car recycling- but each offers a value to a vehicle owner that cannot be replaced.  Cash for Cars Removals’ car wreckers is master mechanics that dismantle and recycle vehicles using state of the art equipment and master mechanic techniques to implement that standards of green auto recycling.  Our wrecking yards are not an open space of property where vehicles are dumped and sit, being pulled for a part here or there.  We don’t pollute and contaminate   the soil and environment in this manner.  Our wrecking yards are yards where our wreckers recycle vehicles.

Our car recycling system first involves our car wreckers dismantling the engine.  All parts will be removed to salvage or to recycle for their value as reconditioned and salvaged parts and recycled metals (some of which are precious metals worth a fair value).  Once the engine is dismantled, they will go to work dismantling the interior of the vehicle for salvageable parts like seats and headliners.  Some may be recycled, some reconditioned.  The tyres will also be recycled forming new rubber for products; and, the body of the vehicle will then be crushed into new steel for further use.  Our car recycling system is one that takes the knowledge and skill of our master mechanics and a system that allows us to offer the most value from a vehicle to the vehicle owner.

Our Services are offered to all vehicle owners and include:

  • We Buy Junk, Accident, Damaged, Wrecked, Scrap Vehicles- Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Utes, 4x4x, Jeeps, Buses, Vans, Boats and Bikes
  • We Buy Luxury, Sports, Classic, Domestic, Foreign, Antique, Compact Vehicles of Any Condition
  • We Offer Free Car Collections That Are Fast and Courteous
  • We Buy All Makes and Models of Any Age and Condition

Our Car Wreckers Auckland is professional, offering the best in eco-friendly car disposals that pay good instant cash.

Car Wreckers Auckland

How To Get Cash for Your Junk Car

We don’t require our customers to wait for a cash payment.  We bring our cash quote with us at the time we remove a vehicle.  We do require that vehicle owners have the following:

  • Title of Ownership to the Vehicle or their Scrap Certificate or Vehicle Registration
  • Photo ID (so we can confirm your identity)
  • Plates Removed from the Vehicle
  • Their vehicle or vehicles parked in an area where our mechanics can inspect and easily load the vehicles

Cash quotes are offered over the phone or through our “Get a Quote” form located on our web page.

How We Price Your Vehicle

Vehicles that will be recycled are priced a little different.  While we take the make and model, as well as year and condition or a vehicle into consideration, we also take the weight and size of the vehicle into consideration.  Some vehicles like SUVs are much heavier in weight than that of a compact car and will yield a higher price for the vehicle owner in steel.

Cash for Cars Removals Auckland services all locations in Auckland with free car removals.  Contact us today to have your property cleared off your wrecked or damaged vehicle.

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We are your licensed car recyclers that do offer the most value for your vehicle.

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