Accident or Damaged Cars

Totalled engine or body, or both or slightly damaged vehicle, Cash for Cars Removals will buy and remove your vehicle at no cost.  We are a Auckland car removal company that offers eco-friendly car disposals that put the best cash in a vehicle owner’s hand.  Contact us today for a free accident or damaged car removal.

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Accident or Damaged Cars Removals Auckland

Cash for Cars Removals is a fully licensed auto buyer and wrecker that recycles accident and damaged vehicles, turning the scrap vehicle into instant cash.  When we receive a call from a vehicle owner that would like to have their vehicle removed, we offer an instant cash for cars offer based on the value of their vehicle, and quickly send a removal specialist.  Our removal specialists aren’t rude and obnoxious, but professional mechanics that are polite and courteous, respecting the property of the vehicle owner, and ensuring a safe, damage-free removal.

Our car removal mechanics utilise removal vehicles that can remove:

  • Single Car
  • Car Collections
  • Company Fleets of Vehicles
  • Antique Cars
  • Classic Cars

Each of our removal technicians drives a custom vehicle, scheduling free car removals of any condition, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident or so badly damaged with engine or body problems that it is not worth the cost of repairs, wrecking the vehicle to recycle is the solution.  Car recycling puts instant cash in the pockets of a vehicle owner and avoids contaminants and pollutants seeping into our environment.  Cash for Cars Removals are those expert car recyclers Auckland that recycle a vehicle, converting it into resellable and reusable parts, metals and steel.

Auckland Accident or Damaged Cars

Accident and Damaged Cars Disposals Auckland

Accident and damaged vehicles don’t get thrown into a landfill or unloaded into an open plot, both quite hazardous to the environment.  Cash for Cars Removals recycles and salvages accident and damaged vehicles to resell and reuse their parts, metals and steel.  We do not require the vehicle owner to perform any prep work on the vehicle.  Our master wreckers will drain all the fluids and liquids, remove the tyres, and tear apart the engine of the vehicle to recycle.  We will then crush the steel of the vehicle into new steel to be resold.  Vehicles owners can expect a work-free disposal on their part and to receive fair cash based on the value of their vehicle.

We are a cash for cars removals company in Auckland that:

  • Offers eco-friendly car disposals
  • Master car recyclers Auckland
  • Pays instant cash for vehicles that have been involved in accidents, as well as those that have engine or body damage
  • Free accident and damaged cars removals

We will make an offer on any make and model of any year of vehicle with any level of damage.

We buy:
Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, 4x4s, Buses, Boats and Motorcycles.  We will also make cash quotes on scrap exports.

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For an instant cash quote and to schedule a FREE Car Removal in Any Location in Auckland:

Give us a call at 0800 430 431 / .  Have the details of your vehicle handy, including its odometer reading and vehicle identification number.
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We are your car buyer and recycler that turns your scrap vehicle into instant cash